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by Karl Scherer
Deutsche Version

Tongue & Groove Cafe, 55 Birkenhead Ave, Auckland

Karl's Complete Gallery of 3D Fractals
(all posters can be printed in any size!)


Puzzles and Games for Sale
...all handcrafted with lots of dedication, striving for excellence.
New : medium (twice the size of small puzzles, 7-15 cm) and large Puzzles (25-40 cm) now available!

   Puzzle Jewellery : The PUZZLE PENDANT Collection (8 types, 3 sizes)


THE (ALMOST) IMPOSSIBLE CUBE - It will stun everybody you know  

Poetry Book "Wecker im Kopf" by Karl Scherer
on divine inspiration, humour, life skills. (privately published, over 300 poems)

To read some of the book online and for content list click here. 

Karl's Online Art Exhibitions (2D Fractals)

Online Galleries:
   Gallery 1 :  Karl's small gallery (framed pictures): Room 1 Room 2  Room 3 Room 4  Room 5 Room 6  Room 7
   Gallery 2 :  Karl's Main Fractal Gallery  be amazed! (over 100 pictures; mirror at
   Gallery 3 :  Karl's large art gallery at the German art company "Kunst-Fuer-Alle"

Photos and infos:

Computer Games: Free !!
computer   A few free ready-to-run Windows games

My 600+ ZILLIONS games -  free download from here is back!

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  Free Mathematica "Demonstrations" and Gallery

Brain Teasers
The following are some examples of the brain teasers, riddles, puzzles, solutions and problems the author has published, mostly in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics.
Some can be found online on the MathPro Website: Problem Database (search for "Scherer" in the Author/Solver string).
Miscellaneous Links to related web sites and to search engines.

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