Cryptic Crossword Puzzles  

© Copyright Karl Scherer 2003


Clues Across:
1.  Erase disorderly existing with neverending hug.
7.  Flower at the back, but not to the North.
8.  Wander in confusion - returned to prison endlessly?
10. Night air?
11. A small thing, such a cat.
13. Catch her lower!
15. Arbitrary Catholic title went before.
17. Behold both ways!
18. Come down before straight earth cable (4-4).
21. 50 from a divider makes his mouth juices flow.  
22. Note the ear part in the orb!
23. Helpers, help the workers!
Clues Down:
1.  Public holiday without a chemical.
2.  Crowded, chaotic studio starts gravitating North? Not North!     
3.  Wanderers are on the wrong way, insane, heading South.  
4.  'Uh, thanks!' shows confused state.
5.  Heavily relaxed because placed with start of depression inside.
6.  The public in public transport.
9.  Re-attached the limbs.    
12. Joker I nag badly for pullover.
14. Schemes of politeness I attached to hundreds.
16. Lip fashion for right table arrangement? 
19. Bad coins may stand or hang.
20. It's alright to prick it with needles!   


Clues Across:
6.  Lawyer's address appended.
7.  Journal about American sorcerer.
9.  Fifty and oval-shaped? Very attractive!
10. Probably I stored a chemical.
12. Scene of chaos: I face devil in it!     
14. They don't eat fat and aren't flies.
18. Act! Something small inside is subtracted.
19. Cares for the land measurements.
21. Founded on the wrong pearls!
22. A greenie?
Clues Down:
1.  A resort like a pig sty.
2.  Ancient zebra seen in marshy place near Georgia.
3.  Rotate topless vessel.  
4.  A reindeer behind a pub? That's stark!
5.  Interested in collectables, we hear?
8.  The French bust onethousand wrongly and nearly fall.
11. Venerated 'n' wrongly decorated.
13. Jokes and real disorder make a sad event?
15. Worker is a greaser after tea.
16. Former view, we hear, can provoke.   
17. Bad sunstrike is for kings only?
20. Many are not aware what a rook does.      


Clues Across:
1.  Lure the company make a cut!
3.  Right in the love affair, editor delivered weapons.
9.  I stomp right into broken foreign goods.
10. Operating system corrupted until tea lost at crossing.
11. It doesn't heal you, but you better do what it says.
13. Former breach of duty in strong demand!
15. Is that your tan or a mixture of copper and tin?
17. What clues are if they are not so cryptic.
20. Jewel that looks like a traffic light?
21. Wrong time on start of night! - just a remark.
22. They tell you what to wear in your bedroom.
23. Prisoner doesn't like small battery.

Clues Down:
1.  A hundred with small waves? - Truely handicapped!
2.  There is lots left, but without top taste.
4.  It is rough, possibly, when integrated circuits rust.
5.  Wiping out a solution to wrongly scolding a burning ring?
       \6.  Check what the old car looks like! (3-4)
7.  Mistress Di stays around a bull, we hear.
8.  LP's played in sports arena? That's past!
12. Character left in private matters?
14. Shake three times with thousand in it!
16. Reduces the light not only in Winter.   
18. Fruit bears the evil ring - it's back!
19. Sounds like someone created a woman.


Clues Across:
7.  Bird fell into crazy gorge; I got out.
8.  Right turning point! Exclude bad vegetable.
9.  Pushes a slider off the track.
10. Bee is out of work.
12. Pleading for bad giant vodka, we hear.
15. In total something is missing.
18. Praise former road charge, we hear.
19. Wrong subway connection good for transport? (3,4)
21. No more in bed - like a saint!
22. Biological information highway.

Clues Down:
1.  Being creative is luring, but not Southeast.
2.  Rescuer wrongly affirms.
3.  Insect I met was opposed.
4.  Fresh Italian painting?
5.  A big section of a circular estate...
6.  ..or a cut of a cone after the Spanish brief.
11. Constructed motor with bad marsh grass.
14. Distribute jumbled beer cartons with tea inside!
16. Desire for a beach around Bermuda Island.
17. Sad rows?
20. Building material for a small castle.    


Clues Across:
1.  Smell like an old cloth in France?
9.  Tool split her tree inside. 
10. Order oven after tea in cinema.
11. When it is rotten, there is usually no help...
12. rotted after a disorderly Eastern red party!
13. Tree has woolly skin, we hear.
14. Like a collection of investments.
16. Moan about gas?
18. World family meeting?
20. Thai work-horse.
22. Many jump or cut.
25. Disentangle this English tangle - very smart.
26. Bad moon at first night? - scratch that!
27. Many words, similar meaning - you need a dictionary for this clue!

Clues Down:
2.  It can be turned both ways.
3.  Not really colourful, Dorian's hair. 
4.  Headgear of Northern sledge pullers.
6.  Colour has something missing inside.
7.  Sounds twice as good?
8.  Second-class horse trip for spouse-to-be.
13. Sporty attack.
15. People stole kitchen gear, we hear.
16. One of thousands; hard working underground.
17. Precious, but usually not found by the owner.
18. Unties the wrong way? - quite the opposite!
19. If you can do it, you might not be under it.
21. Erica feels the heat of her age, we hear.
23. Part of Asian river in Indian believer.
24. This clue is not culturally ok.


Clues Across:
1.  The game was tended without the English.
3.  Shows some gifts.   
9.  The time when a penny was silver money!
10. Eye-related topic is not in order.
11. Military intelligence's enterprise is a failure.
13. Former prisoners probably cheat sex.
15. Pass lie to sheep dog.
17. Going along with it? To the contrary!
20. Len not external? That's special!
21. Granular, but has no right to be warped and sharply bent.
22. Loudly changed and staggered.
23. Adds colours, but sounds like a man close to death.

Clues Down:
1.  Fruit with double copper content!
2.  Rules, we hear, in bad weather.
4.  Turned and got the fish.
5.  Minute-long visits? - They are not up to standard!
6.  This clue is surely not artificial.
7.  Can a church be found in a spirit's ectoplasm?
8.  The first trip, confused, may end via ego (6,6)
12. He's about in the basement, and responsible for the wine.
14. Money-city?
16. Probably distribute not one long declaration.
18. Effeminate person starts night topless, belly showing.  
19. My essence contains a sprite!

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