The (Almost) Impossible Cube
© Copyright Karl Scherer 1999


This beautifully handcrafted puzzle consists of two deceptively simple looking pieces (see image above).
It is made from quality native New Zealand timber (Rimu), which exhibits a beautiful grain.

The (Almost) Impossible Cube comes with two challenges, the Z-Puzzle and the Cube-Puzzle.

When delivered, the two wooden pieces shown above are assembled in a Z-shape.
Take them apart, turn them a few times in your hand to forget their original positioning,
then try to reassemble the Z shape.
For most people, this is a surprisingly difficult task.

Cube Puzzle:
From the two wooden pieces you have to assemble a cube - that sounds easy.
But you will find that the two parts don't like to be joined to a cube - something is wrong here.
How in the world should that work?
Well, get the puzzle and find out for yourself...

Difficulty Rating :
         Z-Puzzle      : easy
         Cube Puzzle: medium to hard

Material:  Quality native New Zealand wood.
               The wood has been treated with natural wood oil to enhance the nice grain.
Size : Cube 7 x 7 x 7 cm (2 13/16 inch)
Price :
        Retail :       
              NZ$ 39.-          (add $10 for postage nationwide)             
              US$ 30.-           (US$ price includes postage and packaging worldwide)
        Wholesale (min 10) :          US$ 20.-           (Add US$ 10.- for postage for your order of any size)

Please send cheques to the following address:

Karl Scherer
Atlantis Puzzles & Games
11 Utting Street, Birkdale, Auckland, New Zealand
Email:  k a r l s c h e r e r 3 @ y a h o o . c o . n z


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