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Op-Art created with my Mathematica Program "Op-Art", see below.

Art created with my Mathematica Program "Crystal Art", see below.


Art created with my Mathematica Program "  Line Art 2". Click to enlarge.

3D Construction Set
3D Curve Constructor
5x5x5 Pentacube Puzzle
Alternating Planar Graphs
Balls Rolling On A Sphere
Basic Graphics Tool

Broken Heart (Variation)
Chain Mail
Circular Coverings

Cleanup Puzzle
Collapsible Umbrella
Colorit Puzzle
Consecutive Integral Triangles on the Grid
Constructing And Manipulating Graphs
Crazy Surfaces
Creating And Manipulating Knots
Crisscross Puzzle
Crystal Art
Disentangling Wire-and-String Puzzles in 3D
Dissecting A Regular Triangle Into Three Similar Tiles
Draw Polygons On Grids
Elim Puzzle
Eller Puzzle
Expanding SurfaceStructure

Fault-Free Tilings
 Graph Puzzles
Integral Grid Triangles
Irregular Tilings

 Jansen Walker
Keyboard and Composer
 Koman Surfaces
 Koman Variations
 Line Art
 Line Art 2
MAX Puzzle

Molecule Construction Set
 Neat Alternating Tilings Of ThePlane
Nosquare Puzzle
Nowhere-Neat Squaring The Rectangle
Nowhere-Neat Squaring The Square
Nowhere-Neat Tilings

Nowhere-Neat Tilings of the Plane
Nowhere-Neat Tilings of the Plane Part 2
Nutts Puzzle

 Origami: Paper Planes
Pentahex Puzzles
 Perfect Tilings
Polycube Snakes
Pum-Num Puzzle
Pum-Pum Puzzle
Random Spheres
Rasa Puzzle
Real Art
Regular Tilings
Saltwater Puzzle
Seven Letter Anagrams With High-Frequency Letters
Seven Letter Anagrams With High-Frequency Letters, Part 2
Sleepless Knights
Spheres Construction Set
Square Shuffle Puzzle
Stapler Puzzle

Tangram (Variation)
The 2xN Coins Packing Problem

The 6x6 Connection Problem
The Ray Puzzle
 Three Pyramids That Form A Cube
Tiles With Finite Convex Spectra
Tiling Constructor

Tiling Constructor - Tile Dragging Variant
Touching Planar Polycubes
Triangle-Closed Planar Sets
Tiles With Finite Convex Spectra
Turning A Punctured Torus Inside Out
Turning A Punctured Torus Inside Out (Variation)
Two Hinged Dissections
Wire-And-String Puzzles


Demonstrations running inside a browser have their display partially cut off by at the bottom; use Explorer for best display.
Mathematica Demonstrations are also called "Wolfram Demonstrations".
These demonstrations are free programs written in the programming language Mathematica.
You can run them inside your browser (or download a CDF version to run outside a broweser)..
There are over 5000 free demonstrations (science and games) available already.

NEW: The Wolfram Demonstrations website now offers a (free of charge!) EMBEDDING string of code for each Demonstration
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