House Insulation

Inexpensive Insulation (extended polystyrene)
You can get bundles of sheet of varying thickness (10-25 mm), called SKINS for cheap.
This is extended polystyrene (120x270cm, 20 sheets 50 at a time) for about NZ 30.- the bundle
at Bondor, 60 O'Rorke Rd, Penrose, Auckland (0800-726-354 ext 1 or 09-580-6600 ext 1).

Take extreme caution and lots of rope when fastening the bundle of skins on a car rack!
In this case cover the front of the bundle with a blanket  so that the wind cannot get in!

I used those to insulate three houses from underneath, simply cutting the sheets with a long breadknife
(slightly at an angle!) and pushing them in between the beams underneath the house.
No nailing or glueing required!

Airfoam for Walls in existing Houses:
I got three older houses wall-insulated by the Airfoam company ( 0800heatsavers 09-378-0910).
They spray water-based foam into the walls (usually from the outside, but they can do it from the inside if you wish).
Cost: about NZ2000.- for a standard house (includes plugging the small holes, and painting with primer).
It pays for itself by reduced heating alone.
  But there are many other benefits:
Very dry house, no carpet mould, no moulding cloth in the cupboard,
no carpetlice, no asthma or other illnesses related to bad living conditions,
no dampness, cosy warm atmosphere in the house.
Hence reduced doctor's cost and medicine cost, longer life.
Everyone who walks in will be amazed how warm and dry your house is!
   It is also good for the environment because it reduces electricity consumption (=> less coal firing
in expensive and inefficient power stations, less electricity costs in the end for everyone).
It also results in a cleaner air in the city, if you used to heat your house with a stove or fireplace.

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