Globetrotter Maze

© Copyright Karl Scherer 1999


A globetrotter wants to travel from Amsterdam (A)  to Berlin (B) to Copenhagen (C) to Delft (D)
to Edinburgh (E) to Frankfurt (F), then back to Amsterdam.
However, the poor guy gets lost in the traffic chaos in Europe, which consists of a maze of
one-way streets and blocked roads. Can you help him?.

It is always the goal of a designer to make a design "complete" in some sense.
The Globetrotter Maze uses all 163 ways to connect 4 given towns with one-way streets or blocked roads
(see example at right border).
The one-way streets are symbolized here by connections that start painted blue and end painted red
(because small arrows would be hard to see)..
The blocked roads are simply the missing links between the towns (orange circles).

See also my accompanying Zillions game "Globetrotter".

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