New Problems on Tilings and their Beautiful Solutions

© 1997 by Dr. Karl Scherer

Comments by readers of "NEW MOSAICS":
  "You have opened a new visual world!"
  "This book is a source of creativity. It triggers your own imagination."
  "If only M.C. Escher would have known these mosaics!"
  "This book will be very useful for a lot of people."

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Very excited feedback from all sorts of people shows that this book "NEW MOSAICS", which contains about 1000 mosaics on more than 300 pages, might be worth having a place in every library.
Not only mathematicians, architects, designers, and furniture makers find this book amazing, but practically everyone who has seen it.
In his book "NEW MOSAICS" the author has undertaken the huge task of not only classifying a part of the world of tilings, but also of displaying ALL types of mosaics with certain properties.
(He found all onethousand solutions by hand; no computer search involved.)

 Most of the tilings cover the whole plane, hence these mosaics may be used to cover floors, walls, clothing,...anything.

 "NEW MOSAICS" carries out a full investigation into a topic which we could only glimpse at in the author's previous book "NUTTS and Other Crackers".
"NEW MOSAICS" classifies tilings, analyses them (several theorems on existence and upper bounds of the minimum number of prototiles), but above all displays them!

 These properties investigated in this "NEW MOSAICS" are "alternating", "neat", "nowhere neat" as well as variations and combinations of these properties.
It seems that these areas have never been investigated before. This is quite surprising, especially in the light of the fact that the results are truly stunning.
All drawings have been created with TURBOCAD software, with very good results.

 "New Mosaics" can be used as a research book by a mathematician, as an exercise book by a student or as a picture gallery of extraordinary designs never seen before.

Size:             A4
Pages:          300 pages
Illustrations:  about 1000 mosaics
Price :          NZ$ 50 including packaging and postage in New Zealand
                   US$ 40 including packaging and airmail postage world-wide

Please ask for rebates if you want to buy larger quantities.
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Karl Scherer
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