and other Crackers



Chapter 1     The Game Nutts

        1.1   Introduction to the Game Nutts
        1.2   One Hundred Nutty Dissection Problems
              and Their Solutions
        1.3   Other Nutty Problems.

Chapter 2     Pythagorean Triangles and Related Problems

        2.1   We Dissect Shapes into Pythagorean Triangles
        2.2   We Dissect Shapes into Triangles with Integral
        2.3   Ten Small Problems with Pythagorean Triangles
        2.4   Pythagorean Triangles with Consecutive Sides
        2.5   Integral Lattice Triangles

Chapter 3     Integral Tesselations

        3.1   We Dissect Squares into Triangles with Integral Area
        3.2   We Dissect Square Rings into Triangles with Integral Area
        3.3   We Dissect The Plane into Triangles and Rectangles
              with Integral Area

Chapter 4     Neat, Pure and Alternating Tilings

        4.1   Neat and Nowhere-Neat Tilings
        4.2   Pure and Alternating Tilings
        4.3   We Tile the Plane

Chapter 5     Consecutively Integral Triangles on the Grid
              and Their Strange Sequence of Solutions

        5.1   An Introduction to the ci-Triangles and Their
              Related Diophantine Equations
        5.2   A Big Toolbox
        5.3   Main Results and More Mathematical Magic
        5.4   Detailed Proofs


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