A Puzzling Journey to the Reptiles
And Related Animals



Chapter 1      A Visit to the Garden of the Reptiles
               1.1  Land in Sight !
               1.2  Some Defence Formations
               1.3 A Special Genus
               1.4 Not a Reptile
               1.5 Some Fundamental Questions

Chapter 2     Regular Puzzles with Reptiles
              2.1 The Y-Reptile
              2.2 Find a Faultfree Formation!
              2.3 Square Formations
              2.4 Tetrads
              2.5 Odd Reptiles
              2.6 Triangular Formations
              2.7 Almost a Reptile

Chapter 3 Irregular Puzzles With Reptiles
              3.1 Travellerís Guide
              3.2 Reptiles Whose Regular Order Is Less Than Their Irregular Order
              3.3 Some Fundamental Questions
              3.4 Reptiles Whose Regular Order Is Greater Than Their Irregular Order
              3.5 Perfect Puzzles
              3.6 Can Irreptiles Have Holes?
              3.7 Can Irreptiles Be Round?
              3.8 Related Irreptiles
              3.9 Mimicry
              3.10 Leaving the Garden of the Reptiles

Chapter 4    The Jungle of the Puritiles
              4.1 Introduction
              4.2 Two Instructive Problems
              4.3 Puritiles of Low Order
              4.4 Puritiles of High Order
              4.5 A Really Hard Nut
              4.6 More Puritiles on the 90-Degree Grid
              4.7 More Puritiles on the 60-Degree Grid
              4.8 Some Fundamental Questions
              4.9 The Surprise

Chapter 5    Puzzles With Puritiles
              5.1 Regular Formations Covering a Regular Hexagon
              5.2 Irregular Formations Covering a Regular Hexagon
              5.3 Triangular Formations
              5.4 General Considerations Concerning the Regular Triangle
              5.5 Square Formations
              5.6 General Considerations Concerning the Square

Chapter 6    On Our Way Back
              6.1 Probable Irreptiles
              6.2 Standard Problems on Probable Irreptiles
              6.3 A Ring Formation of a Probable Irreptile
              6.4 Tiling a Difference of Squares
              6.5 Puzzles of Infinite Order
              6.6 An Outlook to Further Expeditions



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