Der Erfinder

Ich bin in Traben-Trarbach, geboren, im wunderschönen und romantischen Tal der Mosel. 

Ich studierte Mathematik und Physik an der the Universität Kaiserslautern. Mein Studium schloss ich 1980 ab mit Doktor der Mathematik (Ph.D.).

Im Jahr 1986 emigrierte ich nach New Zealand, wo ich seitdem wohne.

Ich arbeitete als Programmierer in Deutschland bei der SAP und später in Neuseeland bei der  Air New Zealand und bei AMS.


Special interests

inventions, table tennis, chess, games, puzzles, science & technology, artificial intelligence, personal development, travelling, reading, writing poems, environmental issues, UFOs, spirituality


  • Lots of articles on games, chess, puzzles, popular mathematics, geometrical problems and brain teasers, mostly in the Journal of Recreational Mathematics.
  • Several "serious" mathematical articles
  • Several books on geometrical problems (popular mathematics), privately published
  • Poetry book "Wecker im Kopf", privately published E-BOOK: poetry book  "Wecker im Kopf", published by Smashwords, ISBN 978-1-62209-590-2 and Amazon.


  • Board games (hands-on as well as computer games; not all are displayed on my web pages)
  • Puzzles (made from metal, plastic, wood)
  • I have built a real (1.5 m high) Turing Machine from a metal construction set, some wood and some plastic tubes. It is exhibited at the entrance of the software department of the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Publications and web sites which quote and discuss some of my stuff

  • Book "Polyominoes" by Solomon Golomb
  • Book "Index to Mathematical Problems" 1980-1984 by Stanley Rabinowitz
  • Zillions of Games  (board games software development environment, hundreds of games)
  • Math Puzzles by Ed Pegg, especially mazes and tilings
  • Web Site Problem Database by MathPro